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Discover Bible School Graduation day
Date: Sat Sep 22, 2012 
Theme: 2012 Flames of Gospel Fire Net Series

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Adventist Mission Office

Director Adventist Mission Office 

GC Adventist Mission -

  • To identify all unentered areas and un-reached people groups in KUM.
  • To ensure that each field/Conference has established plans of reaching the un-entered areas and the un-reach people groups in their territories.
  • To ensure that Global Mission Pioneers are identified, recruited and trained before their deployment.
  • To ensure that Global Mission Pioneers are well equipped for mission.
  • To ensure that the new congregations planted by the Global Mission pioneers are well nurtured.carry out advisory meetings with the Fields and Conference on matters relating mission.
  • To continue challenging and encouraging local church members and the pastorate on the involvement of Global Mission workidentify churches and individuals that can fully support Global Mission Pioneers on church planning.
  • To orient church Pastors and members on the establishment of special ministries such as Ministry to the Executive Members of the society, Ministry to the deaf and blind, ministry to the Street families among others.
  • To encourage the membership to apply different outreach methods in reaching out to different people groups.
  • To sensitize the church leadership at all levels on mission challenges in our Union.
  • To acquire and develop training material on church planting.
  • To organize and conduct church planting workshops with the purpose of equipping members for mission.
  • To stop any payment to a project that we do not receive its progressive report without any substantial reason.
  • To continue sourcing for funds for innovative evangelism activities for Fields and Conferences.
  • To promote the Adventist Mission Offering


  • To integrate Satellite evangelism with VOP ministry.
  • To increase the local church downlink by 10%.
  • To ensure that church members participate in the Satellite series.
  • To ensure that each Field has well trained technicians

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